Trust Expert Advisor Reviews?

We hear a lot about the advantages of reading expert advisor reviews before you invest in one, but can you actually trust them? There are so many different types of robots and different types of Forex traders, that even if an EA or expert advisor has the best reviews in the world, it still might not work for every individual.

That might be a surprising statement. You can probably imagine that a trading system, which depends on the trader to put it into practice successfully each time, could have very varied results for different people. The assumption is often that robots either work or they do not, and that they will work in the same way for everybody, so that all users make the same profit at all times. But in fact this is not true.

In broad terms of course most traders’ results will follow peaks and downturns at approximately the same time if they are using the same software, but surprisingly, the actual results can be quite different. In fact in some of the expert advisor forums you can find two people using the same EA and one is making a profit while the other is making a loss. So why is this?

There are several factors that contribute to the discrepancy. First, there is the question of currency pairs. Most expert advisors have the potential to work with several currency pairs and they will not always perform equally well with all of them. You can often get better results by concentrating only on the pair or pairs that are the most successful. Expert advisor reviews can be great for working out which are the best pairs to trade.

Second there is the question of settings. This is the most common question in forums, on blogs and to EA support staff: what are the best settings for this robot? It is a little like the quest for the best system: it is almost impossible to evaluate. The permutations are almost infinite and what would have worked best last month will not necessarily work best next month.

Generally, the safest option is to follow advice on settings from the company’s own information, but in some cases you may pick up useful tips from expert advisor reviews and user websites. Remember though not to trust everything that you read, and always test new settings before going live.

Fourthly, risk management makes a huge difference to whether you can sustain profits in the long term. If your risks are too high, then even an EA that is profitable can wipe you out. This often happens to beginners. Remember that even the best EA (like the best human traders) will have losses and losing runs. It is vital to set your risk low enough that you can survive the bad times.

Finally, it makes a difference which broker you use. Some will have higher costs, some may operate in a way that tends to trigger stop losses more often, and so on. The EA will usually come with information about which brokers you can use, but that is often based solely on technical compatibility of the software. Forex robot reviews and users will sometimes recommend particular brokers for their quality of service, and that can be helpful.

So EA reviews certainly have their uses, even though no reviewer can guarantee that another individual will have the same experience with the robot. So do seek out feedback from those who have had a chance to use and analyze the software, but be aware that you will not necessarily achieve the same results. It is important to read expert advisor reviews carefully to assess whether a particular EA is likely to suit your individual case.

Source by James Roshwood